Mister Motley

Interview with Luuk Heezen, as part of the Kunst is Lang series by Mister Motley (in Dutch). Photo by Tom Janssen.

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Metal Magazine

i-D / Vice

Interview with i-D magazine and Vice about my creative process, my graduation work Beautiful Impact and the three works I created for the Eyes On Robert exhibition. The interview was conducted by Rolien Zonneveld (in Dutch).


DAMN Magazine

Interview conducted by Gabrielle Kennedy on how collage dominates culture.


For full article, contact the artist.

Mister Motley

Interview conducted by philosopher Linde van Schuppen about the relation between primary and secondary body. 


De Grote Nederlandse Kunstkalender 2019

'Drying my tears in the cooling fan' was selected to be featured in the national annual art calendar of 2019.


The Lodown Magazine

Three page spread featuring 'Drying my tears in the cooling fan', Fat guy dancing' and 'Forever online'.


Vogue Italia

"Dutch artist Cousin, performed his single Overdone live in combination with a 3D video installation." - Vogue


Kaltblut Magazine

"Kaltblut Magazine attented Fashionclash Festival 2015 and was blown away by Cousin. The performance by Daan Couzijn was paired with surreal 3D-like visuals, and it was amazing! The catchy experimental synth pop song is in our heads ever since." - Kaltblut Magazine



"Speechless... Although we're all about inspring talks, sometimes it's nice to stop talking for a minute and listen to the beautiful music by Cousin" - @tedxamsterdam

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